Scared Woman and ChildWhen a family member, spouse, or intimate partner damages your psyche verbally, physically, and emotionally, then you’re in a domestic violence situation. The compassionate and skilled clinicians at Victor’s Crown Christian Counseling Center are ready to show you how to reclaim a better way of life. Whenever anyone applies any form of abuse as a means to exert control over you, you must find a way out and we’re here to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to do just that.

What is Domestic Violence

Many people have a misconception about what domestic violence actually is. Usually people associate it with yelling and saying things like “you are no good and no one will ever love you as much as I love you,” or “you are lucky that I love you.” While this is considered domestic violence, the damages go much deeper including:

  • Physical: Fighting, Pulling Hair, Biting, Spitting, Punching, Kicking
  • Emotional: Verbal threats to hurt you, your pets, or your children
  • Sexual: Marital Rape, forcing sexual activity against your will, assaults against your children

Financial Dependency

Many times, abusers will have all the bank accounts in their name. This gives them control and creates an environment where you have to ask for money, in effect an allowance. This situation forces you to be dependent upon your abuser for financial survival. We see an alarming number of situations like this for young and older adults alike.

A Better Way

Unless the abuse stops because your abuser either gets therapy to change or is forcibly removed from your life, your only way out of a domestic violence situation is to leave on your own. In cases of extreme physical abuse, those who remain under the hand of their abuser end up suffering the most dire of consequences. The clinicians at Victor’s Crown have personal connections to abusive situations and know what you are going through. Make the call to our office today.

Reality Therapy

Our clinicians are trained in the application of Reality Therapy. This type of therapy focuses on realism, responsibility, and the difference between right and wrong and is remarkably effective across a broad range of issues. We believe that most clients have the strength to work through issues. We do not advocate masking emotional pain with medications because the issues will still remain. You may be surprised at how effective our skilled clinicians are at helping you work through the pain so you can begin the healing process.

Forward Focused Approach

Our clients are relieved when they see that we understand that not every issue or problem is rooted in your distant past. We provide an evaluation of your situation and utilize the best techniques to determine how to move forward.


Contact us today whether you going through dating violence or relationship violence and pave your way to a healthier, happier relationship in the future.