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VCCCC mixed drugs



Drug abuse can cause problems on its own, but when a user mixes drugs they may end up in an even more dangerous situation. People who mix drugs on purpose are at greater risk of accidental overdose.

When people mix drugs accidentally or inadvertently by taking more than one prescription medication at once, taking an illicit substance while already on a prescription medication, or drinking alcohol while another drug is still in the system they significantly increase their risk of death.

Drug users who mix drugs may require more in-depth addiction treatment than individuals who use only one substance.

If you or someone you know is mixing drugs, call the National Drug/Alcohol Help Hotline (800) 662-4357 toll-free 24/7 for more information on how to successfully break free of multiple substances at once.

You may also call the trained professional counselors at Victor’s Crown Christian Counseling Center (573) 336-9444 for more information and programs on Addiction Awareness


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