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The nation’s leading public health problems continue to be drug and alcohol use, abuse, and addiction.

Many struggle daily with drug and alcohol problems. These problems take a toll on these people; users are at increased risk for very serious health problems, lost productivity at work, and criminal activity. People with drug and alcohol problems also hurt their families, friends, and communities.

There is good news; treatment for drug and
alcohol addiction is available and effective.

The qualified trained professional counselors at Victor’s Crown Christian Counseling Center have programs and resources to help.

For those who wish to receive treatment for their drug or alcohol problems, one fact is true: the support of family and friends has a significant impact to the overall recovery process.

The role of a good support system is key to intervention and motivating the person with the problem to seek help for their addiction. Supporting that person throughout their efforts to maintain sobriety cannot and should not be underestimated.


If you or a loved one needs help with addiction, please contact the counselors at Victor’s Crown Christian Counseling Center.



  1. November 10, 2015

    What a great thing you are offering help for. God bless you in your efforts!

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