Woman with BruisesWhen you’ve gone through a nightmare and don’t feel like you have anyone to talk to you, know that Victor’s Crown Christian Counseling Center in Saint Robert, Missouri, is here to provide the answers and guiding light you need. We extend our services to victims of sexual assault to help provide clarity in this seemingly helpless time.

Sexual Assault Victims

Understand that it’s not your fault that you’ve been a victim of sexual assault. We’ve worked with strong, independent women who were victims of sexual assault from a variety of different circumstances. Instead of seeking the help they needed, they suffered in silence and continued to blame themselves for what happened. This does not have to be you. At Victor’s Crown, we will walk the journey of healing together with you.

Write it Down

We go over the events in a therapeutic way to help you through this process. One helpful method is airing your grievances though journalistic exercises. We’ve found this method is an effective way of working out issues by getting your feelings and thoughts out in the open, providing a framework to work through these difficulties.

Not Just for Women

Men and boys are the least likely to report sexual abuse. As a result, they often struggle with anxiety and depression. When sexual assault or abuse occurs in childhood, boundaries are violated with consequences extending into adulthood in the form of difficulty in trusting others and simply functioning in society.

A Helping Hand

For adults who struggle today due to the effects of any childhood trauma, we will discuss key moments from your childhood in an effort to pinpoint the origin of the issue. As a result of therapy, you’ll take the necessary steps to face your past so you can move forward to the future.


Contact us today and work with the center that helps you see the reality of your situation so you are able to move on for a better tomorrow.