Stressed ManWhen you realize that you are no longer able to handle daily stress on your own, or you feel overwhelmed by the smallest things, then it’s time to seek individual or group counseling from Victor’s Crown Christian Counseling Center. We are based in Saint Robert, Missouri, and help children and adults through post-traumatic issues.

The Here & Now

Focusing on being and living in the here and now and not having to worry about things, doesn’t have to be difficult. We help you find your strength in the positive relationships in your life. You are able to focus on working through, and letting go of the pain that you have gone through.

Forgiveness First

Our goal is to help you focus on forgiving yourself and forgiving others. Without forgiveness, bitterness grows into anger and resentment that causes division in relationships.

Relationships are Vital

We thrive on and desire relationships by nature. When it comes down to it, life is about relationships. Through good and positive relationships, we grow as people, and this encourages us to become better versions of ourselves.

A Slippery Slope

Without healthy relationships, people become bitter and isolation starts to set in. These mark the beginnings of depressions and anxiety. Without healthy relationships, you may experience emptiness.

By seeking guidance and help from our staff of certified clinicians, you gain the tools to handle stress in a healthy way. Explore a wide range of treatments and solutions including:

  • Minimum of 30 Minutes of Daily Exercise
  • Talking to Someone to Clear Your Mind
  • Journaling to Get Your Thoughts on Paper
  • Meditation

Group Counseling

Not only do we provide strong one-on-one counseling options, but we also help you share your experiences with people going through the same struggles you are going through.

Schedule for Success

Having a routine that you stick to helps you be more prepared for the future. We help you create a healthy schedule so that you have the tools you need to succeed.

Military Families

The owners of Victor’s Crown have a very close and personal connection to the military having served on active duty for over 20 years themselves. We know very well the unique challenges and circumstances that military members and their families endure; the difficulty of lengthy separations, post-traumatic stress, and the re-integration of families after deployments.

Families and Couples

No matter what you’re dealing with, face-to-face communication is vital to the healing process. Our clinicians are adept at facilitating the coming together of couples, or parents and children, to work through issues together.

For children and families, our sessions will open up a dialogue on compromise and its impact on your family. For example, children need boundaries, freedom with limits, responsibility, and above all, consequences for bad behavior. When one or more of these components are missing, the result is rebellion. We work with families to bring these components into a healthy balance that restores respect and acceptance that the parents are in charge.


Contact us today if you’re dealing with post-traumatic stress issues or if your children are acting out in school, you’ll find the healing you need here.